If you have gambled before then you will know all about pokies. Pokies are familiar to most casino players which is why almost all players find them comfortable. There are a few reasons as to why playing slot machines is a comfort for players.

Pokies are Easy To Learn

Because pokies machines rely on luck rather than skill, players find the game easy to learn and quick to grasp. If you want to learn anything about the slot machine you are playing, you should learn what the symbols are and what they represent. Learn how the game works and what the jackpot payout is. Other than that, there is really nothing more to know. Just spin and wait for lady luck to reveal the outcome.

Bet As Much Cash As You Like

Another reason why players find slot to be so comfortable is – pokies don’t require players to make large bets. Players can bet as they please within the betting range displayed on the machine. Players can choose how much they want to play or how large they wish to go.

Play Pokies For Free

Many online casinos offer players the chance to play online pokies for free. This is a comfort for new players. If you don’t know how the game works or you haven’t played online before, then you might be nervous about losing cash. Now you can eliminate that concern by indulging in free pokies and simply play for fun!

Win Big With Pokies Bonus Games

Most modern slot games offer players bonus games when they hit winning combinations. This is a great opportunity to win extra cash or credits. Unlike most casino games, slot machines easily hands out free spins, games and more when you win with winning combinations. Unlock hidden bonuses and win extra cash!

All these factors make playing slots comfortable. The more you play the more familiar you will be. This leads to players favouring games above all others. Why not try and see for yourself!

Pokie Machine Variations

Playing online pokies can be extremely lucrative and is always fun. Because online pokies are so popular, there are many pokie machine variations. This makes playing pokies entertaining and players will never be disappointed with such a large variation of pokie games. Let’s take a look at some of the variations that you might come across.

Different Themes

Firstly, and this is the biggest type of variation, is that you will notice each pokie machine game offers a different theme. While some players might enjoy playing traditional pokie machine games, others might prefer the modernised multimedia pokies games. Each theme offers various symbols, amount of paylines, coin sizes and jackpot payouts.

Traditional Pokies

This type of pokies slots offer players the traditional 3 reels and one payline. Also known as lucky sevens or the traditional cherry slots, many players like this version of pokies.

Free Slot Machines

Some casinos offer players a selection of slot machine games that they can enjoy for free! This is a popular version of pokies especially for new players as you can practice and not worry about losing cash.

5 Reel slot Machines

These are extremely popular as they have 5 reels which increase winning combinations. There are many available online and casinos tend to lean more toward these types of pokies games due to popular demand.

Bonus Slot Machines

This is where players stand a chance of unlocking special bonus features when they hit winning combinations. Highly popular as well as entertaining, bonus slot machines are one of the most popular types of pokies machines as they offer rewarding prizes which grasps players. Some bonuses earn you free play time where you can accumulate extra credits, while others will require players to make a series of decisions. The type of bonus game opened depends on the theme of the slot machine and as such, each game varies. Learn all about which casino games you should play online at casinogamescity.com.

As you can see there are many variations of online slot machines and they all lure players with their charms. A game for each player, online pokies is always great fun!