Gambling ControversiesOnline gambling is a very widespread form of entertainment nowadays and thousands of people are converting from traditional gambling to gambling online. There are many aspects of gambling that is causing hullabaloo globally and in some countries this exercise is banned. The United States of America is the chief against online gambling and online casinos may not process money from USA players via deposit. However, it is not illegal for a USA citizen to gamble online. This is a bit of a catch 22 seeing that large quantities of United States residents have local bank accounts. It is almost like saying here is ice cream but it’s melted.

The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was conceded a few years ago. Many operators removed their casinos out of the US market. Some operators continued catering for US natives but the amount of casinos that have been terminated is staggering. Many believe that because the government can’t claim tax on players gambling online, this exercise is intentionally suppressed for later use. At the end of the day people should be allowed to spend their money as they wish and the gambling controversies will either die down or the online market will be impaired. Freedom of speech, choice and lifestyle is always promoted by the US government. Ironic don’t you think…?

Annexations of casino brands were felt by everyone in the industry and operators felt helpless. PayPal and other credit card providers are facing lawsuits that could potentially ban their operations. Why make such a fuss over online betting? Conspiracies are spreading like wildfire on the internet and some seriously good debates are published publically. Whether you believe in the dreaded addiction and evil of gambling online, it is games that are played for fun. Why so serious?

Lastly, another immense controversy while exhausting the gambling world undoubtedly is the trend of scams. Players fear identity theft and tend to not get involved in gambling at all. A life filled with fear is a life not lived. Millions of players are entertained daily and some serious players gamble for a living. Different strokes for different folks. Gambling is fun and should stay fun!